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Team Sniper's Half-Life 2 Website

Video Game Class
Sunday, February 20, 2005
By Wulf

Welcome to Team Sniper's home page for our video game class that UNCC is offering this semester. We are currently designing and developing a game based on and built within the Half-Life 2 game engine that will be a single player FPS game lasting about 10-15 minutes. We would like to make a longer game but we only have a semester to get this one done and there simply aren't enough hours in the day for that to be feasible. If we have enough time at the end of the semester to 'port the map from our game over to Counter-Strike, well, that would be cool to as our map would actually rock for Counter-Strike.

The reason that the three of us (it was actually 5 in the beginning but we tragically lost two along the way) choose to do a game on the HL2 engine is because of several reasons. One, all of us were familiar (not to say experts) with the HL engine and, two, it would allow the team to shine with our graphics work, which is what we are all good at. Three, we all love FPS games and this was a chance for us to actually work on the back end (for a grade, no less) and see how the games are put together. Fourth, although this does just apply to the webmaster, I want to work in the video game industry when I get out of school and this is an excellent learning opportunity for me.

Team Sniper Members
Sunday, February 20, 2005
By Wulf

Amanda Chaffin - Project Manager, Storyboard, Documentation, Webmaster, and Designer (who will also freelance in and out of what JP and Michael are doing as needed)

Michael Magee - Level Design, AI, Entities, and Resident Architect

John Paul Stewart - Level Design, AI, Entities, and the Team Guru for the HL2 Engine