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If Only
November 21st, 1999
By Wulf

If I only knew the words to say,
to show you I love you in every way.
If I only knew how to make it right,
all the things done that horrible night.

If only I could make you care,
to show me your love will always be there.
If only I could hold you again,
to show that we are more than just friends.

If I only could make you believe,
that I love you, deeply, truly.
If only I could have you in my life,
would it be worth all of this strife?

I can only put my heart on the line
for what may be the final time.
You are the one that I want, the one I need.
I love you so much. Now do you believe?

Ask Me
November 29th, 2001
By Wulf

Ask me in a little while
and I'll tell you how I feel.
Ask me in a little while
when I quit pretending this isn't real.

The coin flips up, the coin flips down.
Will the dreams be shattered?
Heads or tails, smiles or frowns?
Let's pretend that we mattered.

I miss you in ways I never thought I would;
your scent, your walk, your eyes
expressive, colored sherry or maybe fine wood,
your hands digging into my thighs.

The hardest thing I have ever had to do
was to let you go, let you walk away,
breaking my heart even though I always knew
you were going to do this someday.

So ask me in a little while
and I'll tell you how I feel.
Ask me in a little while
when I quit pretending this isn't real.

Let me pretend a while longer though
that you loved me enough to stay.
It's time to end this, yes I know
but reality is too harsh for me to face.

I wish you loved me as I love you still.
Another fantasy of mine, buried deep inside.
I am asking you to open up to me, to feel
what I do, the love that won't fucking die.

Death's Lover
November 29th, 2001
By Wulf

Pursuasion, a heady thing
to a girl with a low self esteem.
"Come on, it will be fun." or
"You will like it, I promise."
Never managed to cut through her resolve.
Until one day, how fateful it was
he said what she was secretly dying to hear.
"I love you, my dear."

So she acquiesed, so she gave in
and laid down willingly on a bed of sin.
He stoked her hair, he held her hands.
Going slowly, not trying to scare her,
she thought he was being tender.
He kissed her lips, nibbled her ears,
told her what she wanted to hear.
Closing her eyes, she nodded once.

A triumphant smile crossed his mouth.
If her eyes were opened, she would have seen
a demon from hell, not the man of her dreams.
He stroked her skin, nuzzled her neck,
whispered, "I love you pet."
Passion was rising, room getting hot,
steam rising, neither said a lot.
He paused before each step, to make sure
she was ok, that he could continue.

He kissed her deeply, making her head spin
she could not believe this was a sin.
Slowly, oh so slowly, he progressed
though in truth they were both getting short of breath.

Finally, the joining.


He felt the liquid, hot from her body and trembled with the rush.
She begged him no, begged him to stop, but he just laughed
and pressed in deeper, twisting a little to be sure the fit.
She stared at him, the demon from hell, with tears in her eyes.
Tremors racked him, once, twice. He licked the salt on her cheeks
pulled out and left her alone, to die on the sheets.

Her obituary read, "Died of stupidity...and a knife in the gut. A warning to all, the devil you cannot trust."