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Samples of the creative writing that I have done over the years.

Drabble Samples ~ This is a smattering of five drabbles that I wrote for a Harry Potter (no copywrite infringement intended and no money is being made off this by me) challenge community. A challenge community is one that sets the word count and the actual challenge itself, such as love, hate, dogs, whatever. These are some of my personal favorite ones, even if they did not get a much acclaim as some of my other ones did. Oh, yes, and I do write for House Gryffindor! *is such a geek*

Spoken But Not ~ A longer look at two of the more interesting characters in the HP universe. This one was more of a challenge to myself to see if I could write a longer piece using someone else's characters.

Sample Poems ~ Just a trio of poems that I wrote a while ago that I am passing fond of.

Yes, I do have some straight prose that is my own, however, as you might have guessed, I have an awful lot of it floating around on my computer at home and on my laptop. I will add that in at a later date, however, I have to wade through it and see what I am willing to release on the Internet as most of the writing I do is part of a larger, unpublished, whole.