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Computer Science - Technical Writing on Projects

1. Surreal - For Software Engineering (Graduate Course), taught by Dr. Peyton. This class required us to write a pitch document, a game design document, use cases, and the technical design document. As of now, we have the pitch, the gdd, and the tdd finished.

- Game Pitch
- Game Design Document
- Technical Design Document

2. Scion of the Wolf - For Introduction to Game Design and Development, taught by Dr. Youngblood. The pitch was required, the game design doc was for bonus points only.

- Game Pitch
- Game Design Document

3. VoteOnline - For my software engineering course, taught by Dr. Lejk, my team and I wrote the requirements document to move the American Electoral process online.

- Requirements Document
- Requirements Presentation

4. Technical writing - in this class, my team and I wrote the user manual for a child's toy in English and Spanish.